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Health Information and Resources

Abortion Resources, Support, and Information

Abortion Access Project
Abortion Care Network
Abortion Conversation Project
The Abortion Diaries
Alan Guttmacher Institute
Association of Reproductive Health Professionals
Before and After Abortion
Center for Reproductive Rights
Choice USA
Christian Women and Abortion
Ending a Wanted Pregnancy
Feminist Abortion Network
Men and Abortion
My Abortion. My Life.
National Abortion Federation
Seeking Early Abortion Services
10 Facts About Abortion

Before and After Abortion Talklines and Counseling

Backline Talkline - 1-888-493-0092
Connect & Breathe Talkline- 1-866-647-1764
Exhale After Abortion Hotline - 1-866-4 EXHALE
Faith Aloud - FREE Telephone Counseling - 1-888-717-5010
Imagine Counseling  Abortion Counseling by Telephone  505-490-2084

Clinics Providing Abortion Services Beyond 15 Weeks

Feminist Women's Health Center, Atlanta, GA
Hope Clinic for Women, Granite City, IL
Little Rock Family Planning Services, Little Rock, AR


How to Adopt - Getting Started
Open Adoption & Family Services
Adoption Connection Memphis
Friends in Adoption - national pro-choice adoption agency
National Adoption Center
Adoption Law Practice of Robert Kirsh
Tennessee Department of Children's Services
American Fertility Association - Family Building

Affordable Care Act

ACA and Women's Health

Birth Control Information

Birth Control - How Hormones Work to Prevent Pregnancy
Health Matters Fact Sheets on Contraception
Feminist Women's Health Center
Choices IUD Info Page
Method Match - Interactive Tool
My Method - Interactive Tool
Scarlet Teen
Sex, Etc.

Birth Control Methods

Breastfeeding (Lactational Amenorrhea Method)
Depo Provera® - The Shot
Female Sterilization
Menstrual Suppression - Interactive Tool
Mirena® IUD
Mirena® IUD Patient Assistance Program
NuvaRing® - The Ring
Ortho Evra® - The Patch
ParaGard® IUD
Rhythm Method (Fertility Awareness)

Breast Health

Center for Young Women's Health
Imaginis Women's Health Resource
Mammograms and Breast Health: An Information Guide for Women
National Cancer Institute
Teen Health: How to Perform a Self Breast Examination

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Love is Respect
National Domestic Violence Hotline - 1-800-799-SAFE
Parent's Guide to Teen Dating Violence: How to help my child
Parent's Handbook: Talking to Your Children About Developing Healthy Relationships
Shelby County Sexual Assault Resource Center - (901) 222-9960 
YWCA of Greater Memphis
What You Need to Know About Dating Violence: A Teen's Handbook
Military Sexual Trauma
Verizon Hopeline
Domestic Violence and Chronic Illness

Guide: Financial Help for Women in Abusive Relationships

Ectopic Pregnancies

Ectopic Pregnancy Foundation

Faith-Based Resources

Catholics for Choice
Christian Women and Abortion
Faith Aloud
Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Abortion as a Moral Decision
Reasons Why Abortion is a Moral Decision, Rev. Debra Haffner, Huffington Post
Religious Institute: Faithful Voices on Sexuality and Religion


Choices Assisted Reproductive Technologies
American Fertility Association
American Pregnancy Association
Feminist Women's Health Center, Atlanta, GA
A Surrogate In The Mid South
American Fertility Association - Family Building
Financial grants for fertility services - Cade Foundation
Infertility and Women of Color  - The Broken Brown Egg
Ovulation Calendar- Information about Ovulation
Trying To Conceive (TTC) Abbreviations


Feminist.com - Girls and Young Women
Feministing Blog
FBomb Blog for Young Feminists
Size Up Your Sex Life: Female Sexuality Tool

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Health

Advocates for Youth - LGBTQ Youth Initiative
Gay and Lesbian Medical Association
Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center
National Center for Transgender Equality
National Coalition for LGBT Health
National Lesbian & Feminist Health Coalition
LGBT Family Building, American Fertility Association

For Young People Who Are Coming Out
Coming Out to Your Parents: Questions to Think About (YouthResource)
A Resource Guide to Coming Out (Human Rights Campaign)
Coming Out As Trans (Ohio University LGBT Resource Center)
I Think I Might Be… Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transgender
More resources on coming out at work, to your family, and in your community (HRC)

Supporting Out LGBT Young People
Coming Out Help for Family, Friends, and Allies (PFLAG)
Coming Out as a Straight Supporter (HRC)

For Activists Working For LGBT Rights
Gay-Straight Alliances (GLSEN)
Making your Student Club Trans-Inclusive (GLSEN)

Health Insurance

Health Coverage Questions for Women


Choices HIV/AIDS Medical Services and Rapid Testing
Act Against AIDS
AIDSVu.org - Interactive map of geography of HIV in the United States, 30 years into the epidemic
Greater than AIDS
HIV/AIDS Care Hotline, Memphis, TN - 1-877-HIV-KNOW (448-5669)
Memphis Area Ryan White Planning Council
Memphis Area Ryan White Providers

The Well Project for Women with HIV and AIDS

HPV and Cervical Health

American Congress of OB/GYNs - HPV Infection
Center for Young Women's Health - HPV Vaccine
Gardasil® - HPV Vaccine
HPV Facts 101
HPV Vaccination - CDC
National Cancer Institute - HPV
National Institutes of Health - HPV
Navigating HPV - Interactive Tool
Mayo Clinic - HPV Infection
Choices HPV Info Page
Pearl of Wisdom Campaign

Men's Reproductive Health

Mayo Clinic's Men's Reproductive Health
CDC Men's Reproductive Health
Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of Young Men
Teen Health: The Male Reproductive System


The Mayo Clinic, Women's Health
The North American Menopause Society
Our Bodies Our Selves
Christiane Northrup

Periods/Menstruation Information

Beautiful Cervix Project: Cycles of Cervical Change
GURL Online Community
Having Your Period (Teen Info)
Menstrual Suppression - Interactive Tool
Understanding Menstrual Suppression
When Will I Get My Period?

Periods/Menstruation Products

Instead Softcup
The Diva Cup
The Keeper
The Moon Cup

Pregnant Women's Rights

A Better Balance

Prenatal Care

Centering Pregnancy
Full Circle Midwifery of Memphis
Tennessee Women, Infant, and Children Program
TennderCARE Program
TennCARE - How To Apply
Trillium Womancare of Memphis
Memphis Hollywood Health Loop Clinic - 901-515-5500
University of Tennessee Medical Group- 901-449-4241

Sexual Assault/Abuse

Memphis Child Advocacy Center
Shelby County Family Safety Center
Shelby County Rape Crisis Center
Research & Resources - Sexual Assault

Student Safety Guide

Sexual Health Education

America Sexual Health Association
Authoritative Guide to Safer Sex, The
Center for Research and Education on Gender and Sexuality
Religious Institute: Faithful Voices on Sexuality and Religion
Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States
Size Up Your Sex Life: Female Sexuality Tool

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Advocates for Youth
American Sexual Health Association
CDC STD Information Center
National Chlamydia Coalition
WomensHealth.gov STI Information Center

Smoking Cessation

Quitday: Cigarettes and Your Sex Life
Quit Smoking Community

Teen Reproductive Health

Amplify Your Voice
Being Girl, For Girls, By Girls
The Consensual Project
gURL- Community for Teen Girls
HOTGIRLS - Helping Our Teen Girls in Real Life Situations, Inc.
It's Your Sex Life
I Wanna Know - Sexual Health and You
Love is Respect
My Sistahs
Scarlet Teen
Sex, etc.
Yes Means Yes Blog
Freedom Youth Project: Protecting Youth from Trafficking
The Garden of Fertility


Addiction resources for Veterans

Military Sexual Trauma

Zika Virus

Zika Virus and Pregnancy Fact Sheet

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Information Disclaimer

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