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Medical Services

CHOICES is a small (but mighty) non-profit health care clinic offering a wide range of medical services for women, men and teens. All services at CHOICES are completely confidential. We believe all people have the right to sexual health and reproductive autonomy. We offer detailed information and educational materials about all aspects of reproductive health including PAP smears, surgical and medication abortions, sexually transmitted disease testing, and birth control options.

We encourage everyone to understand their bodies and the choices available to them and to make informed decisions about their reproductive health. We value all people and are committed to offering reproductive health care in a non-judgmental, patient-centered, and supportive environment.

For more information or to make an appointment for any of our medical services, please call us at 901-274-3550 or toll-free at 800-843-9895. CHOICES offers full services and options in family planning in Memphis.

NOTE: Prices shown on the website are discounted cash prices.  We are currently an in-network provider with the following plans:  Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Medicare, TennCare, and TriCare.  We can provide an itemized receipt for services if you would like to file an out-of-network claim with another plan. Please call your insurance carrier for details about your own coverage and benefits.

To save you time on the day of your appointment, we recommend that you print out and complete your medical paperwork ahead of time

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