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Fertility Services

At Choices, we trust women and men to know when becoming a parent or creating a family is right for them. For this reason, we are excited to offer the Choices Fertility Program.

Our Fertility Clinician specializes in offering services to clients in our community who may be seeking a pregnancy as a single individual, as a same sex couple, or for individuals and couples who would prefer fertility assistance that supports a more natural conception and individual choices of treatment modalities. Sero-discordant couples (one partner is HIV+ and one is negative) are not excluded from applying for the Fertility Program.

Clients who have been accepted in to Choices Fertility Program are eligible to access our complete menu of fertility assistance procedures based on Choices Fertility Clinician's recommendations. Some of the fertility assistance procedures we offer are:

  • Basic Sperm Analysis
  • Intra-Uterine Insemination
  • Sperm Washing
  • Intra-Cervical Insemination
  • Guidance in purchasing donor sperm
  • Management of known donor insemination
  • Support for self-insemination or home insemination

To meet with the our clinician and determine your eligibility for the Choices Fertility Program, please choose one of the three initial appointment types listed below based on your individuals needs and previous experience.

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Preconception Consultation

Note: Prices listed below are discounted cash prices. Check with your own insurance plan to see what services are covered.

An initial consultation for individuals investigating pregnancy options. A preconception consultation for individuals or couples is a required visit prior to accessing additional fertility services at Choices. The fee for this appointment is $150.00 per person, all parties required for visit.  One non-refundable deposit of $150 is required at the time of appointment. This will be applied toward your visit fee.

Preconception Consultation includes:

  • Individual or couples’ consultation with Choices Fertility Clinician
  • Review of couple/individual’s health history
  • Tips on healthy pregnancy planning right from the start
  • Review of Choices Fertility Program options
  • Recommendation regarding eligibility for referral to Choices Fertility Program or a more appropriate alternative

Fertility Options Review

An initial visit specially designed to meet the needs of clients who have undergone fertility/infertility evaluation and/or treatment and desire a fresh perspective and review of fertility options. All previous records of fertility related exams, studies, tests, and/or treatment must be provided for clinician to review in detail 1 week prior to in-person consultation. Records will be returned to client(s) at time of consultation or immediately upon client(s)’ request. The fee for this visit is $250.00 per person, and 50% of the fee is due when Choices receives your previous medical records and is non-refundable.

Fertility Options Review includes:

  • A review of all previous fertility related exams, studies, tests, and/or treatment by Choices clinician
  • 1 hour consultation with Choices Fertility Clinician
  • A review of potential fertility options or fertility assistance that individual/couple may benefit from in pursuing pregnancy
  • Referral to Choices Fertility Program for eligible individual/couples or a more appropriate alternative

Fertility Evaluation

A visit for clients who believe they are facing infertility (inability to conceive a pregnancy despite regular, unprotected intercourse for 1 year or more). The fee for this visit is $250.00 per person. This fee is the initial fee for the 1st visit. It does not include additional labs or return visits. Additional fees will be discussed at time of visit for recommended labs and additional visits.

Fertility Evaluation includes:

  • Comprehensive review of client(s)’ medical history and current health/illness
  • 1 hour consultation with Choice Fertility Clinician
  • Management of labs, tests and procedures recommended for evaluation of both male and female infertility
  • Development of treatment plan based on review of infertility evaluation
  • Management of medications to treat male and female infertility

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For more information on assisted reproductive technology services at Choices, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.


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